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Spread the know-how boost plastic recycling


precious-plastic-logoPrecious Plastic is a project started by Dave Hakkens. Originally started as his graduation project at the Design Academy in 2013. Back then it was a proof of concept, something that worked as a prototype but not ready for scaling it up yet. The machines needed to be developed properly. Easier to build, using basic tools and universal materials. Version 2.0.

However it’s been on hold for a while because of his other project Phonebloks. In order to get it going he put a request online asking for a machine builder to help. Kees replied and the project rebooted. The development started again some other great people joined the project as well contributing their expertise. After working 2 years on it its ready for the world. A solid version of machines, instruction videos, blueprints shared open-source for free. A complete package that enables people to start recycling.

Let people in every corner of the world know they can start their own local plastic workshop.

A plan that will allow people, anywhere in the world to transform plastic waste into valuable things.

Six Steps


Develop machines

For the past two years we have been developing machines to recycle plastic waste, locally.


Share for free

The machines are developed using basic tools and materials. We share all the blueprints open source online. This way people around the world can re-build them.


Spread the know-how

In order to build these machines people need to know that the blueprints are available. We need to spread the know-how in every corner of the world.



Once the machines are build people can start experimenting, creating and producing new products from their local plastic waste.



The primary goal is to recycle as much plastic as we possibly can. This would clean up our shared environment, improve living conditions and possibly create financial value!



An important aspect of the project is to create a world wide community of like-minded plastic savers. People working for a cleaner future, sharing knowledge, helping each other and collaborating.


What can be made




You can make a number of different products with each machine. Lamps, jars, bowls, vases, baskets and the list goes on. Your creativity is the limit!


You could create tools for you or your community. Making buckets, boxes, handlebars, thread, bricks and much, much more!

Raw material

The plastic could also be re-transformed into granulate or filament for 3-D printing machines, closing the loop.




Getting started

See Precious Plastics Getting Started Videos for more details and download program files.


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