The Climate Change for Good conference was held on the 1st & 2nd July 2016 at Griffith University Gold Coast campus. Below is the how you can become a part of this exciting project.

23 Workshops


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Workshop Information for Participants

  • Business/Insurance (Theme 1)
  • Investment (Theme 2)
  • Government Policies (Theme 3)
  • Urban Places & Spaces (Theme 4)
  • Health and Welfare (Theme 5)
  • Food Security (Theme 6)
  • Conservation (Theme 7)
  • Sustainable Tourism (Theme 8)

workshopsWe encourage participants to register their workshop preference when purchasing their tickets to the Climate Change for Good Conference workshops.

The action workshops are designed to provide information to participants to empower them to effectively address climate change challenges in their area of interest and expertise, through discussion. We encourage them to commit to specific goals or actions.

These actions will advance current business, community and environmental initiatives that arise from climate change.

These actions will contribute in small and large ways to the local and national targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help us adapt to the unavoidable impacts of a rapidly changing climate.

Time frame: 50 minutes in total.

  • 10 minutes for Facilitator presentation on relevant topic.
  • 30 minutes for discussion of the issues and actions that can be taken in small groups.
  • 10 minutes for selecting the priority actions to be undertaken post Conference and recording volunteer Actioneers names and contact details.

Facilitator role: The workshop Facilitators are all experts in their field and they will provide information and promote discussion and selection of action goals by workshop participants.

Workshop selection: Participants are encouraged to select their workshop choices at the time of registration and the number in each will be limited to the number that can be accommodated in each room.

Materials: Participants will be asked to bring their own notebooks.

A3 sized clipboards will be provided to every workshop group. The conclusions from the discussion are recorded on the A3 paper. A roving scribe with a tablet will record final outcomes or actions in the final 10 minutes of the workshops.

Plenary: At the end of both conference days a plenary session will draw together the discussions and actions from each workshop. Three actions from each workshop will be recorded for the plenary and one priority action chosen for presentation at the plenary.

Become an ACTIONEER!

actioneer-button-400x380Frustrated by the lack of action by our politicians on climate change?

An opportunity to make a difference – at the Climate Change for Good Conference by putting your new knowledge into use and become an Actioneer.

You benefit – This is a chance not only to make a difference in the challenge of climate change, but also to have direct contact with an expert in the field in which you are most passionate about. You will be able to discuss your ideas, your efforts with your mentor and pick their brains to assist you achieve your goals.

Climate change action will be a big part of the forthcoming election and part of our lives every day and there are endless opportunities for us to take action – in a small way or maybe a big way.

An invitation – At the Climate Change for Good Conference there are 25 action workshops in which you will be invited to become an Actioneer i.e a person who commits to taking one or more actions to challenge climate change over the next 12 months.

Examples – The actions can range from:

  • Joining a group working on climate change.
  • Getting an energy audit of your home to reduce your emissions.
  • Committing to walking or public transport at least once a week.
  • Giving a presentation at work to encourage more sustainable behaviour.
  • Advocating to your local politicians or a political party to take effective action on climate change.

advisorYou decide what action you feel comfortable in committing to. You will be supported by a Mentor from a group of experienced people who are available for you to contact with your ideas or any problems you are having in carrying through your commitment.

Mentor Group – A group of experts from each of the 8 themes of the Conference have committed to provide mentorship to the Actioneers during the 12 months following the Conference. Their role is to maintain contact with you the Actioneer to provide support and information as needed to help you achieve your goals** complete the actions to which they have committed.

From time to time a meeting of Mentors and Actioneers will be called to exchange information on progress and provide mutual help on difficulties that have arisen.

We look forward to working with you at the Conference and in the months to come.

Information: Lois Levy