Farmer uses lemongrass ‘foam’ to produce eco-friendly boards

Farmer uses lemongrass ‘foam’ to produce eco-friendly boards By Marty McCarthy Sunday, 19th March 2017 Source: Farmer uses lemongrass foam to produce eco-friendly boards A Gold Coast farmer has dropped in on the surfboard manufacturing industry, by growing lemongrass and turning it … Continued

Light-emitting cement

Light-emitting cement By Sustainability Matters Dr José Carlos Rubio, from Mexico’s University of San Nicolas Hidalgo, has created a light-emitting cement that has a life span of 100 years. By absorbing solar energy and returning it to the environment, Dr Rubio … Continued

ecoBiz Sunshine Coast

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ecoBiz Sunshine Coast Regional Council   ecoBiz is a completely free eco efficiency program that provides tools, training and detailed information to help your business improve efficiencies and reduce resource use for financial and environmental benefits. Delivered by Chamber of … Continued