Our Aims

To inspire and empower the community to think and act positively in creating opportunities at work, home and elsewhere for a better society that meets the challenges of climate change.”



Gecko in conjunction with Griffith University is taking the proactive path with positive, solutions based discussions to cut thought the gloom surrounding climate change. Click Conference Overview PDF for more information.


  • Build a strong community.
  • Advocate for action on climate change.
  • Gain inspiration and information.
  • Identify opportunities in business, employment, community well-being and nature conservation.
  • To identify the opportunities resulting from action on climate change that will enhance business and employment and community wellbeing.
  • Facilitate community partnerships.
  • Establish a cross-sector advisory group.


  • An Informed Gold Coast community of the benefits and opportunities of meeting climate change challenges.
  • Actioneers committed to priority actions to meet these challenges.An expert advisory mentor group to support the Actioneers.
  • An expert advisory mentor group to support the Actioneers.

Eight (8) Themes

  • Business/Insurance (Theme 1)
  • Investment (Theme 2)
  • Government Policies (Theme 3)
  • Urban Places & Spaces (Theme 4)
  • Health and Welfare (Theme 5)
  • Food Security (Theme 6)
  • Conservation (Theme 7)
  • Sustainable Tourism (Theme 8)

Click Key Note, Key and Workshop Speakers for more information.

Gecko – Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council

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