A Hot Tale by Wally Wallaby

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A Hot Tale by Wally Wallaby

Poem by Frank Mills © 2016

Wally was out nibbling his forest grass
Eating the sweetest as as he hopped past
Smelling some smoke he lifted his head
It’s a bush fire which bush creatures dread.
Wally’s father had taught him what to do
Hop for the nearest water hole he knew
He went off hopping down to the creek
It’s a good fire shelter the wallabies seek.


When he got to the creek others were there
Like bandicoots, kangaroos and a koala bear.
Soon the lizards and snakes arrived too
And Wally thought we have quite a zoo.
The platypus, turtles and the water rat
“Said you’re all crowding out our habitat”
Wally said “It’s a real fire emergency,
But, we could have a picnic under the tree”.


Koala said “Wally I don’t want to be rude
But you haven’t thought about any food”
Well Billy Koala it it comes to a crunch
We’ll gather bush tucker and have it for lunch.

Before looking for food let’s all sing our song;
We are clean and as the morning dew
Out air is fresh and water is too
Out trees are green and green we are
We never pollute or travel by car
Our home is in the water, ground or tree
Because we all love to live naturally.


Now all sit or squat and make new friends
It may be a long time till the fire ends.
Wally said “quolls you remember out law
No hunting until the fire’s out for sure”
All creatures here with fur, feathers or scales
Will all enjoy their telling tales.
When Kookaburra laughed good news to come!
I can’t see any fire from the top of this gum.
Now all creatures can return to your habitat
And go back to doing whatever you were at.


The above poem was written by Frank Mills in 2016. Frank Mills is a very well known identity in the Brunswick Heads area and was the Fire Chief for many years. At the ripe age of 80, Frank a local historian is still able to pen a great poems and stories.