Advancing Climate Action in Queensland

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Advancing Climate Action in Queensland Discussion Paper

Did you hear about the recent discussion paper put out by the Queensland Government looking at actions needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and adapt to climate change impacts? After a long period of State Government inaction on climate change, this important paper signals a welcome new approach.


You can read the discussion paper here: Advancing Climate Action in Queensland PDF

There is currently a lack of synchronisation of policy at local government, state and federal levels, partially as a result of neo-liberal reluctance to temper the growth-at-all-costs approach with the required actions to effectively reduce greenhouse gases. According to Fieldman, who examined the impact of neoliberalism on the global political–economic system 1, this is hampering the response of states to meet their greenhouse gas reduction goals.

You can also read Gecko's response to the above discussion paper: Submission on Advancing Climate Action in Queensland Discussion Paper PDF